The Incredible 24 Hours Birthday Party!

Welcome to the information page for my INCREDIBLE 24 Hours Birthday Party that will happen on the 11th and 12th of February.

By the way, you are AWESOME, and I hope you are having a great day! :)

This page may be updated with more information during the next days.

To RSVP click here. For contact information click here.

Why 24 hours?

I turned 24 and decided to do something exciting involving the number 24. When I am 100 years old I will have a 100 hours birthday party. ;)

How will it work?

There will be different activities happening at different times in different locations. You are welcome to come to one, two, or all of them! They will all be very fun, and I strongly recommend coming to the lunch at Centennial Park; the treasure hunt will be EPIC!


This schedule is probably not going to change anymore, but if in doubt please make sure you check this website again a few days before the party, or contact me.

11/02/1120:00-24:00OnlineLive webcam streaming from my house. Dare me to do things and (maybe) I will do them! more info!
12/02/110:00-6:30OnlineYou can choose between sleeping or trying to solve an online puzzle made specially for the occasion. more info!
12/02/116:30-7:20OnlineAnother live webcam streaming from my house, for my friends who live in weird locations (US West Coast)... :) more info!
12/02/117:30-10:00Coogee BeachHave breakfast and go swimming with me at the beach. more info!
12/02/1111:00-16:00Centennial ParkHave lunch and play a massive game of treasure hunt/capture the flag. more info!
12/02/1117:00-19:30Hillsong Church - City CampusJoin me for an amazing time in the House of God! more info!
12/02/1119:50+Yet to be decidedJoin me for dinner somewhere around the city. more info!

All the times are GMT+11.

Online RSVP

To RSVP now, please fill out this form with your details and the number of people attending each activity:

Now write the number of people attending each activity (0 or nothing if not coming):

Live Webcam Streaming

I will announce the link to watch the live streaming on my Twitter, Facebook and on this page a few minutes before the scheduled time.

You will be able to interact with me by sending me messages on Twitter, Facebook, email, phone (if you have my number), and by calling me on Skype. I created a Skype username specially for it: the24hoursbirthdayparty. Feel free to add me and call me during the streaming.

I will keep the contents of the streaming M-rated, and as with any interactions of a child with the internet, I recommend parental guidance and supervision.


Meet me in Coogee for breakfast, and don't forget to bring your swimmers and a towel.

I will provide some food, such as fruits, bacon, eggs, sausages and possibly home made croissants. You are welcome to bring food as well.

Location: 33°55'10.73"S 151°15'27.69"E (North side of Coogee Beach). The map shows the exact location.

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Lunch and MASSIVE EPIC Treasure Hunt Game

There will be a massive music festival happenning at the park starting at 12pm. Parking a car inside the park might be difficult.

Starting at 11am we will meet at Centennial Park for lunch and a game of modified Treasure Hunt/Capture the Flag that I am inventing. It will be epic and you should be part of this epicness.

Location: 33°54'09.52"S 151°13'45.02"E (around the Learners Cycleway). The map shows the exact location.

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Food: I will bring usual Aussie BBQ stuff (sausages, bread, onions, sauce) and some famous Brazilian sweets (brigadeiros, beijinhos e casadinhos). Please bring more food if you feel like, but there will be enough food if you don't bring anything (at least I hope so ;)).

Game: This is no ordinary Treasure Hunt game! Be prepared for a 2-hour (maybe more, maybe less), walking around the whole park, game. Also, be ready to get out of your confort zone and impact someone else's life. There will be prizes for the winners, and, in a way, every person will be a winner at the end. As I said, this is no ordinary Treasure Hunt game...

Online Puzzle

The Online Puzzle will consist of a number of questions and clues. Most of the clues will be in videos, but some in text. You will need Internet access to see the clues and answer the questions.

The first question and clue of the online puzzle will be released at 10pm (GMT+11) of Friday. It will be available by clicking here (the link will work at 10pm on Friday).

The winner will be the first person to solve the entire puzzle (maybe absolute first, or the one who solves in less time from start to finish, not sure yet). The winner can choose between a AU$ 40 iTunes gift card, a US$ 30 US iTunes gift card, or others yet to be decided. Every person who solves the online puzzle before 10pm of 15th of February will get a Certificate of Online Puzzle Completion. :)


The Saturday night service starts at 6pm. I will be serving in VOLTAGE (Hillsong Kids, Years 5 and 6) during the service and will be there earlier, but you are welcome to come to the adults' service (or to Hillsong Kids if you are in Year 6 or below).

The address of the Church (Hillsong Church - City Campus) is 188 Young Street, Waterloo. The map shows the exact location.

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Meet me in the Church foyer (or call me) around 7:50pm and we will all go to a good and affordable restaurant together (location yet to be decided). Since it is my birthday party, the guests will pay for my dinner... Thanks! ;)

Contact Me

You can contact me using the following:

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